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August Salon: Risk: The Director’s Game of Self-Producing | Sunday, August 3rd | 5pm | Playground at the Adrienne

Our August salon is a workshop led by director Jess Conda, using a game to explore the challenges facing directors who produce their own work and the techniques they can use to overcome them. 

Salon #3: Being Always New: Directing Devised Theatre

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Salon #3 was a presentation and workshop led by director Adrienne Mackey, exploring the deep practical and historical roots of “modern” devised theatre.

Salon #2: The Cheese Stands Alone: Directing Solo Performance

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This Salon will include an ‘Ask Me Anything’ panel of solo performers and directors from throughout the Philadelphia community – including Jennifer Blaine, Thomas Choinacky, R. Eric Thomas, and Alex Torra – and a public rehearsal by an actual director/performer pair currently working on a solo show.


Salon #1: Directing the Future

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Salon #1 was the launch program for our organization and featured an introduction to the new Directors Gathering and a lively discussion about the future of theatre through directing, the craft of directing, and directors as collaborators in the theatre medium.

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Salon #1 consisted of a vibrant discussion on the role of the director in the future of theatre.  Participants were given a number of excerpts to contextualize the topic, and were then split into small groups to discuss three prompts:

1. Is the theatre director a “generative” artist or an “interpretive” artist or both?
2. What do you do/what should directors do beyond the staging of a text to create an “evening of theatre”? What is the responsibility of the director beyond the staging of the text? 
3. Are directors responsible for the state of modern theatre as an art form? As a practice? As an industry? Can directors transform theatre as an art form? As a practice? As an industry?

The group then reconvened for a larger conversation on these prompts. Included below are the excerpt handouts and some notes from the large group discussion (included some quotes from attendees!). Enjoy, and we hope to see you at Salon #2!

Salon #1 Event Notes