(DG) has recently offered several digital programs to our members and directors across the country and around the world.  Thank you to everyone who’s participated in the digital offerings so far.  The following programs are a taste of what we’ve hosted digitally:

The Director Educator, with Carrie Klewin Lawrence + Elena Araoz
Vision a Play, with Nicole Miller Marks
A Grad School Conversation, with Jerrell L. Henderson + Shamus Hunter McCarty
Up Next is the next round of (DG) Digital: Vision A Play with (DG) Board Member Nicole Miller Marks 
Monday, May 18th | 7pm-9pm EST on Zoom
PWYD + Open to All.
(DG) Members are free.  RSVP directly to (DG) Interim Producer, Christine Freije at: christine.directorsgathering@gmail.com