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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?

The membership cycle for all (DG) memberships begins on (DG)’s birthday, March 17th. All memberships are renewable, on an annual basis, on March 17th of every year and end on March 16th of the following year. 2020 memberships will begin on March 17, 2020 and end on March 16, 2021.

If I sign up after March 17th, when is my membership renewal date?

All memberships are renewable on March 17th of each year.  

If I sign up after March 17th, will my membership rate be prorated?

If you join after December 1, your membership will be prorated for the remainder of the membership cycle.  Please contact the Director of Membership and Engagement for an exclusive prorated membership code.

What types of programs are offered?

(DG) offers programs for professional directors at various stages in their careers.  Programming includes professional training, networking and directing labs, where directors can share their work and processes.  For a comprehensive list and description of (DG) programming, visit the Programs section of the (DG) website.

How do I sign up (DG) programs and events?

Look out for program announcements in the e-newsletter, visit our website and follow (DG) on social media to learn about current programs and opportunities!  

I’m not a member.  Can I still attend (DG) events and programs?

If you’d like to join (DG) as a member, visit the Membership page for more details. (DG) reserves spaces for its members for most of its programs and events, however, non-members may attend select programs and events for a fee.  Sign up here for the e-newsletter to learn more.

(DG)’s programs used to be free.  Why do I have to pay for a membership now?

The success of (DG) is due in great part to your continued interest in the programming and events that the organization has been offering for years and we are deeply appreciative of the support.  After 5 years, (DG) has designed a professional membership program.  Our goal in this endeavor is to offer targeted programming for our members, at various stages in their careers and the development of their craft.

Questions? Contact Director of Membership and Engagement, Sisi Wright, at