Brenna Geffers is a theater-maker and director based in Philadelphia. Brenna has served as an Associate Artistic Director for Theatre Exile and a Literary Director for EgoPo Classic Theater as well as an Artistic Associate for Flashpoint Theatre. Brenna is currently a director with theRebel Theater ensemble and a member of the Philadelphia Opera Collective.  She is spending a year as an Artist-In-Residence at the historic Powel House in Phaildelphia. Brenna is also a free-lance artist and has created new works for theater, opera, and museums as well as directed a wide variety of classic and contemporary work.

1) What excites you most about participating in Directors JAM?

Being with the DG Jam is like finally attending a party thrown just for you; the focus is on directors and their process. And that is just such a gift. 

2) How do you personally understand the director’s role in a devising process?

I like to think of being the captain of a flying airship; its impossible but yet here we are. 

3) What do you hope to get out of your JAM experience?

I want to see Sam Tower spin her magic.