Schaub, Phoebe - 4

Phoebe Schaub is a Philadelphia ­based director, performer/creator, musician, and teaching artist. She is a graduate of Temple University’s undergraduate directing program and a co­founder and active member of Found Theater Company, a collective she has been devising work with for the last seven years. Outside of her work as an artist with Found, she has worked locally with Philadelphia Theater Company, FringeArts, Painted Bride Art Center, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, The Debate Society, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Simpatico Theatre Project, and Brat Productions. Phoebe serves on FringeArts’ Self Producing Artist Council, teaches playwriting for Philadelphia Young Playwrights, and is a member of the Painted Bride’s Front of House Staff. Most recently, she curated a piece for Painted Bride’s Secret Show Series and served on the direction/production team for Found’s spring 2016 piece Nothing to See Here.

1) What excites you most about participating in Directors JAM?

As an artist who typically takes a painstaking amount of time to make work, I am most excited by the requirement to work in a rapid-fire process, or as I have been thinking of it: saying yes and moving on.

2) How do you personally understand the director’s role in a devising process?

For me, as both a performer and a director, I find it most useful to think of directing devised work like curating. You take the best parts of someone’s work and help them make it clearer and more audience-ready. As a performer, it can be very useful to make messy things. As a director, you have to make some sense of the mess.

3) What do you hope to get out of your JAM experience?

I hope to challenge myself to explore a short-term process and see how that changes the way I make work. As someone who typically makes work with the same ensemble, I have developed a certain amount of shorthand in my process. I’m excited to see how working with new people changes that process and hopefully challenges some of the ideas I have about making work.