We were thrilled to support the following Philadelphia theatre directors as pilot (DG) Fellows + Observers this past season:

Cheyenne Barboza, Elaina Di Monaco, Cat Ramirez,
Brey Ann Barrett, Elise D’Avella, Christine Freije,
Randi Alexis Hickey, 
and Lexa Grace.

*(DG) Fellows Pilot will be on hiatus this upcoming season with plans to gather a new class in 2020.* 

Introducing the inaugural pilot class of (DG) Fellows & Observers

Top – From L-R: Cheyenne Barboza, Elaina DiMonaco, Cat Ramirez, Brey Ann Barrett 
2nd Row – From L-R: Elise D’Avella, Christine Freije, and Observers Randi Alexis Hickey and Lexa Grace
In its pilot year, (DG) Fellows is a season-long program which fosters a core group of early-career Philadelphia directors through a mix of mentorship, observership, and process-based development. We’re thrilled to grow this program, establishing an open application process next season that will elevate the next generation of Philadelphia theater directors.
Interested in learning more about (DG) Fellows pilot year and its future? Contact (DG) Fellows Producer Nicole Miller Marks at