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(DG) Dialogues are conversations with theatre directors about their process, vision, and experience working on specific productions in the Philadelphia theatre community. This year, in honor the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival, we are hosting short-form (DG) Digital Dialogues with members of (DG) who have work in the Fringe.

This week, Amber Emory, director of Julia Taus’s A Cocoon of Your Own Making:



























Directors Gathering: What drew you to this project? Have you been involved since its inception?
Amber Emory: Julia (playwright/actress) contacted Jarrod Markman of Fringe Arts with the piece, wanting to perform in the Fringe but asking for director recommendations. Jarrod sent the piece to me and the rest is history, so to speak. Julia and I have been collaborating since that day to take the piece from first draft to the “final” product you will see in the Fringe. “Final” is such a funny word because we will be holding talk-backs after each performance to chat with the audience about what they saw to keep the process going past Fringe. The piece spoke to me as an artist because I enjoy women’s self-discovery through art and this piece shows the journey of a woman from caterpillar to butterfly: challenging, growing and understanding her new wings.

DG: What is urgent about presenting this piece right now?
AE: For Julia this piece is her artistic coming out: “I’m here. I’m an artist. Hear me roar.” I personally think it is a super-courageous act to do this with such a personal story but she is rocking it. For the world I think we all have a little wingspan to explore and we all were once a caterpillar and maybe some still are.

DG: What makes this project right for Philly Fringe?
AE: It’s a short piece that requires audience interaction and story-telling.

DG: How has this process been unique?
AE: To take it to the next level I read some of Julia’s emails, journal entries, etc. to really get to the meat of the story and flesh out some more details. This took an amazing amount of trust on Julia’s end and became a very unique collaborative process for me.

DG: What other shows are you most excited for in the Fringe this year?
Still Standing You
Underground Railround
901 Nowhere Street
City of Woes